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EMXC is an amazing organization that supports kids' cross-country skiing for recreation and racing in the Boston area. In order to ski with EMXCY you must register with the club (separate from your ski pass and rentals).


Season Off-Site One-Ski Rental Package

This package is specifically for the EMXC Skiers and consists of combi skis, combi boots, and two sizes of poles to accommodate both the skate- and classical-skiing styles. The equipment will be expertly sized to the athlete.

Two Ski Package Option

We are offering a Ski Package with two pairs of skis. This gives you the option to keep one set of skis waxed for classic and one waxed for skate which means you won't have to clean and re-wax your skis each week! 

Athletes are responsible for care and maintenance of their off-site rented equipment, including waxing. 

Equipment must be returned clean and in good condition (with no kick-wax or klister) to Weston Ski Track by March 10, 2024. Late return fee is $18/day. 

Cancellation Policy

  • There are no refunds for seasonal rental equipment.


Combi Season Off-Site 1-Ski Rental                   $225
Includes skate-skis, boots & two sets of poles. (Price with tax is $239.06)

Combi Season Off-site Ski Rental*                     $285

(2 Ski Package for One Skier; Price with tax is $303.53)
Includes two sets of skis & poles and one set of boots. 
*We hope to be able to offer the 2-ski option at the time of pickup depending on our equipment deliveries. 

  • Each student and a parent must complete the Release of Liability before you can pick up your equipment. Bring the completed form with you when you come.

  • Equipment rentals are only for currently registered EMXC youth skiers. 


We recommend booking the earliest possible appointment for picking up your skis to ensure we have the correct sizing for your child. Having an appointment time does not guarantee we will have equipment available. 

Print and sign the release ahead of time, skier must have a signed form or be accompanied by a parent to pick up equipment. 

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