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Snowshoeing is a wonderful, low-impact aerobic activity that requires no special skills and allows you to visit winter landscapes that were previously out of reach. If you can walk, you can snowshoe! Today's snowshoes are remarkably light and mount very quickly onto your footwear.

Our rental snowshoes, combined with our snowmaking capability, allow you to experience snowshoeing virtually any day of the winter, even when there is no natural snow.

When there is natural snow, the entire 15-kilometer course is open for exploration, or you can take the snowshoes off-site to find your own special places in your backyard or up north. 

Snowshoeing Lessons

Join one of our experienced guides for a one hour introductory class which will cover how to put on and take off your snowshoes, select the proper snowshoe, dress for the outdoors in winter, and how to climb, descend, and cross hills. The class will conclude with a guided tour of the ski area to test out your new skills.

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