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Learn how to take care of your skis and how to get the most out of your equipment

Having the right wax on your skis will help you ski with less effort and protect the bases of your skis -- It's not just for racers! We can do the work for you, just leave your skis with our experienced ski techs and we can advise and wax them for you.  Alternatively, we sell everything you need to take care of your equipment yourself, read the guides below to get you started. 

Learn More about:

Cleaning and Base Prep

Hot Waxing

Liquid Waxing

Kick Wax for Classic Skiing

Express Wax

Cleaning and Base Preparation

Cleaning your skis and preparing your bases for wax is an important first step. Depending on the condition of your skis and the quality of the snow you've been skiing on, you may only need a few passes of a copper brush or you'll need to wax remover to help with kick wax or klister. 

Base cleaning and preparation with Rex Glide Cleaner

How to clean the kick zone on a classic ski

Base Prep
Hot Waxing

Hot Waxing

Hot wax is the most common type of waxing and is best thing for your skis. You'll want to do this after about every 10hrs of skiing. Things you'll need: Iron, scraper, wax, profile or bench. Check out the videos below to get started.

Introduction to Hot Waxing your skis

How to iron in the wax

Scraping technique for hot wax

Liquid Waxing

Liquid Waxing

Liquid Wax has improved tremendously within the last few years and is a total game changer. As a reminder, you'll still want to hot wax your skis occasionally to keep your bases in good shape. You'll need liquid wax  and a new brush that you're not also using for hot wax. 

Applying TOKO base performance liquid wax

Applying spray G41 (you can use fiberlene if you don't have a clean cork to spread out the wax.

Kick Wax

Kick Wax For Classic Skis

Kick wax provides grip for waxable classic skis. Waxless skis have a textured kick zone etched into the base of the ski and don't need kick wax (but they do need glide wax!) Things you'll need : Kick wax and a cork. Watch the video below or check out TOKO's extensive videos on kick wax including applying klister, what to do with base green and every thing else you need to know about grip.

How to apply grip wax for classic skis.

How to apply Klister

Express Wax

Express Wax

Express wax like Toko Grip n Glide or Swix f4 is quick and easy to apply and improves glide and works in all kinds of snow and temperatures. Every skier should keep this in their bag and throw it on their skis if the snow is sticking or for after lunch on a long tour. No brushing or scraping required and it only takes 5 minutes! The downside is that it doesn't last as long as a hot wax or newer liquid waxes. Express Wax works best in tandem with occasional hot waxing. 

Applying Express wax for Waxless Classic Skis

Applying Express wax for Skate-Skis

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